Chemistry Testing

rtech's chemistry area includes proximate, wet chemistry, chromatography, and minerals groups. For assays requiring specific equipment, we maintain sufficient sources to provide uninterrupted service.

Following is a summary of the food chemistry capabilities currently available from rtech:

  • Chromatography (LC, GC, GC/MS)
  • Dairy Ingredient Testing
  • Nutrition Labeling nutrients
  • Enzymatic Analysis (sugars, lactic acid and citric acid)
  • ICP (minerals)
  • Proximate chemistry (ash, fat, moisture, protein)
  • Lipid oxidation (peroxide value, iodine value)
  • Vitamin analysis (titration, fluorometry,HPLC, and now offering Vitamin D testing)
  • Shelf life studies


Click here for a general list of chemistry test descriptions.

For a complete list of specific chemistry tests we provide, please view the price list.


Key Benefits

Experienced analysts

Rapid turn around time

Wide range of capabilities

A2LA Accredited

Testing Cert.No.1765.02