Pilot Plant

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Custom processing

Our pilot plant facility is staffed by experienced professionals skilled at producing small batch sizes as you scale up from the lab bench. We maintain the highest quality assurance standards and equipment conditions, providing an ideal site for your trial products and processes.  Our facility is inspected by the MN Department of Agriculture.

From Concept to Distribution, our staff can design your process, assist with production, resolve issues, offer further process recommendations, review packaging plans and arrange shipping.  Whether you are scaling up a new product, trying a new ingredient application or producing a product for distribution, we'll work closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful plant trial.

Our comprehensive facility offers everything you need to produce small batches of food products or ingredients. Our technical capabilities cover a wide spectrum of processing conditions and product categories.

Review our Pilot Plant equipment list (requires Adobe Acrobat)  for an overview of our processing capabilities.

If you are interested in using rtech Pilot Plant services, please fill out our Pilot Plant questionnaire (requires Adobe Acrobat).

Fax the completed form to Carle at 651.375.2002.

We can provide a comprehensive solution to fit your processing needs!


Aseptic products

Beverage products

Organic products 

and margarines

Cultured products

Bakery ingredients

Infant foods