Sensory Services

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Testing Methodology
rtech sensory services can provide specific information to predict your product's acceptability through consumer or employee acceptance testing for product guidance.

With input from our trained panel, we can evaluate product aroma, appearance, flavor and texture characteristics. By incorporating various experimental designs and statistical methods, we have the expertise to give you rich interpretations - comprehensively and efficiently.

We offer a full range of sensory services to meet your evaluation needs:

  • Discrimination Testing
    Difference tests can be performed to see whether consumers, employees or R&D Scientists can discriminate between samples
  • Product Guidance Testing
    Gauge overall product acceptability quickly with adults (consumers or employees), teens, or children
  • Descriptive Analysis
    We can use our trained panel to construct a sensory profile of your product for comparative purposes and product improvement efforts
  • Shelf-Life Testing
    Assess how storage affects quality
  • Web Survey
    Answer questions about concept or other questions you have for the consumer

Integrated Approach
rtech integrates sensory evaluation and consumer research to give you an in-depth understanding of the characteristics most important to consumers.

rtech laboratories can help you improve the strength of your internal sensory program. Be sure that every product going out your door meets the rigid quality requirements you and your customers demand.

Qualitative Research

Quantitative Research

Descriptive Analysis


Our sensory professionals can:

Evaluate your current program

Train your production and quality assurance personnel to access product consistency.

Help you communicate the business justification for sensory techniques to your colleagues.